400 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter

400 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter
  • Cuts hard drawn copper up to 400 KCMIL (MCM) and soft copper, aluminium and multiple conductor cable up to 600 KCMIL (MCM)
  • Hardened steel blades ensure consistent cuts and long-term durability
  • Rounded blade design minimises cable distortion during cutting
  • Quick release mechanism simplifies blade back out
  • Locking mechanism keeps handles closed for easy storage

This ratcheting cable cutter will cut hard drawn copper up to 400 MCM and soft copper, aluminium, multiple conductor cable cuts of up to 600 MCM. It features a durable hardened steel rounded blade construction to ensure consistent cuts and minimises cable distortion. Cutter has dual durometer covered, ergonomic, non-slip handle grips and a locking mechanism for easy storage. It has ratcheting jaw with maximum jaw opening of 1.375 inches.

More Information
Cable Size 0-600 (MCM)
Cutter Type Plier Style
Grip Smart
materials_cut 2/0 Copper, 4/0 aluminium, aluminium, Copper, Hard Drawn Copper, Multiple Conductor Cable, Soft Copper
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